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Daniel dos Santos Cardoso founder help me was a drug addict application during 15 years of cocaine and alcohol, and was with the marriage destroyed and his unhappy life and God rescued him from bondage , was when in 2013 wondered how to help chemical dependents.

In a dream God revealed developing a web system when he woke up was searching on google and did not visualize anything like that, it developed a website and a web system , to his astonishment received thousands of emails from people asking for help to stop the use of drugs. It was when in January 2015 launched the application help me. The goal of the app is the awareness of the addict to stop using drugs. Since then the app is available in 8 languages ​​in the app store shops and play store .

Currently the app is selected for several startups in Brazil contests including winning some. You are also invited to speak at forums, communities , churches and conferences .

Technology in the Fight Against Drugs

If you are ready to finally drop that habit and take over your life, download this application.


If drug use is starting to affect your life , whether in the family and at work , it's time to seek help. Socorre.me is a tool that will give back control of your life and get rid of this habit that causes many serious problems .


    You place the day began to use drugs, the amount and the daily amount consumed , from there the App calculates the time , quantity and value wasted by drugs ..


    The application calculates how many days you do not use drugs , studies show that in 04 months in 21-day cycles are determined not to use compulsion may have a 90% chance of stopping.


    List all you have to search to get away from drugs and list everything that has to avoid ..


    Put a picture of yourself before and after Drug


    Place photos and videos of your family and friends so that when you use any drugs think of them first .

  • QUIZ

    In answering the Questonário can find out what your level of addiction .


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Add your photos before and after drugs .
Put everything you have to avoid and Search.
Navigation easy and intuitive .


I liked the APP a good initiative for those who want to get off the drugs , the more afraid to speak , using ..

Caio Fernando

Beautiful attitude .

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Downloaded ! Congratulations.

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Excellent app .

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I loved Very good!

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